Nöjda Kunder

"De senaste tio åren har jag haft obehag i korsryggen och höfterna tills för två veckor sedan när jag fick en massage från dig. Obehaget är helt borta och det känns som ett mirakel. Jag vill tacka för den goda behandlingen och önska dig allt gott i framtiden"


"I would like to share a few lines of review comments regarding Daniel Näsman as my massage therapist. 

I am a 36 year old lady who is suffering from severe back-pain since childhood (age 12-13). I have visited several doctors and different massage therapists due to this old problem. 

Among all my experiences, I strongly believe working with Daniel was THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF ALL, and here comes my reasoning. 

・Daniel spent a great deal of time at the beginning of the session to learn about my problem in detail.

・He gave attention to all details, asked questions and took notes. Since the pain tensioned my back muscles he did even check my shoes and watched how I am walking to investigate if something could be improved.

・He kindly request constant feedback during the massage treatment to see what part of the massage steps are comforting or discomforting. He accordingly adjusts the time and pressure concerning these comments, which of course gives a much better experience by directing him to focus on the right spots.

・During the discussion with Daniel and after each massage session, he makes personal notes again to have all small details for his reference. 

・He also gives suggestions and relevant exercises accordingly for your home. This exercises will help you to work with triggered areas by yourself to relax the muscles and reduce the pain. As a result muscle tension is getting reduced and less pain would be experienced between your massage sessions. 

・He also gave me a good suggestion to visit an Osteopath or other specialist for further investigation. He truly cares and considers all possibilities to help you to fix the problem and have a painless life by considering different practices to find the actual root cause of the issue. 

・Last but not least, he is very professional, friendly and it is clear he cares about his performance and his patients health and comfort. 

I truly recommend Daniel as a massage therapist. So far I have visited him only a couple of times and already great improvement is developing. I have less pain and I consider my way of walking to make sure I am not putting extra pressure on my back. I will keep visiting him and I hope whoever experience some discomfort concerning muscle pain, give this therapist a chance and witness the improvement by themselves" 

Best regards, Sam

"Thank you! I must say that Daniel is amazing. For the last three years now, I have had pain and discomfort in my right shoulder, 30 min with Daniel and it is moving more freely and no discomfort or pain. He is amazing" 


"I consider myself not a customer but a patient of Daniel´s. My weekly session restores my sense of mental and physical balance to the point that I consider it almost a religious experience. Daniel is prudent when the patient needs to receive a health tip and seems to have a master´s degree in human anatomy as he finds every knot in all those layers and layers of muscle and tendons! I have lived in London for the last fifteen years and have received a massage once or twice a week for the last ten. I can confidantly say that Daniel has got the best pair of hands in London"


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