Magnetism and Clinical Research

Scientific and therapeutic applications of magnetism are being studied in technical laboratories and medical institutions worldwide. The volume of information from these findings is growing every day. At Nikken, we follow this research with great interest.

Some of the organizations involved in the advancement of this knowledge are listed below.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is the United States government’s lead agency for scientific research on new or alternative technologies that are not represented in conventional health practices. NCCAM is a division of the National Institutes of Health.

This organization has funded more than 1,200 studies at scientific institutions around the world. NCCAM and other groups, such as Japan’s Magnetic Health Science Foundation and the international Bioelectromagnetics Society, continue to advance the state of knowledge in magnetic technology. There are numerous published studies regarding magnets, including results attained in clinical trials. The NCCAM Web site ( contains a section on magnetic research, with references and a list of the literature on this subject.

Magnetic Health Science Foundation

The Magnetic Health Science Foundation is one of Japan’s leading scientific organizations, dedicated to research in the application of magnetism in clinical studies, diagnostic technology and medical treatment. The foundation awards annual grants to applicants for specific research projects, and every year publishes a report on the results of these studies, printed in Japanese and English.

Nikken is a supporter of the foundation, contributing toward its research projects and maintaining close ties that include regular attendance by Nikken Chairman T. Watanabe to help preside over the annual grant awards ceremony.

The Bioelectromagnetics Society

The Bioelectromagnetics Society ( is composed of biological and physical scientists, physicians and engineers, promoting the exchange of ideas to advance the science of natural and applied electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine. BEMS is an international society and holds annual conferences that include presentations, workshops and tutorials covering current scientific topics. Its official peer-reviewed journal, Bioelectromagnetics, publishes articles on all aspects of the science of biological effects of electromagnetic fields. Nikken is a member of the society. 

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